Boost the sound of summer with Sony Extra Bass It Girl, Gabbi Garcia

(Manila, Philippines – 28 th March 2019) – What’s a good summer holiday idea? Nothing beats the basics – beach party with good music, great company, and enjoying the summer sun while flaunting that sun kissed skin only with the best crew. Now, it's time to...

Things I love during the Huawei P30 Series Launch

Huawei once again unleashed a new set of devices that not just Rewrites the Rules of Photography but also showed us innovations that's never been done yet in the history of digital accessories. I'll go straight right to it! Launch of the Super Smartphone, the Huawei...

The Chronicles of Sony’s Walkman

When Guardians of the Galaxy first screened globally in 2014 and the subsequent sequel in 2017, fans were intrigued by the vintage metallic blue device that appeared together with Star-Lord in the movie. It even appeared in the promotional clip for the movie original...

Bigger is definitely Better with Sony Large Screen TVs

New Year, new realizations. Few years ago, I opt to decline TVs ever-since I went to college because of the convenience of smartphones. Movies and other entertainment can easily be accessed through smartphones and actually it's right. But as time goes by, as movies...

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