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Hi! My name is Wellbein L. Borja. Welcome to my blog! 🙂 I started blogging last November 2015. My first blog is about WordPress using my startup’s website. The first travel blog I made was for my Travel, Lifestyle and Food blog. I somehow mixed my Tech blog so I decided to separate it and here it is, the Cebu Tech Guide! 🙂 Why Cebu Tech Guide? It’s because I am a tech-savy person. I can’t help but I do like gadgets and technology a lot. And, oh, by the way, this blog is previously www.guyontech.com. I revamped the site and decided to rename it for good. Why I blog? The main reason why I blog is because I want to provide tech information to my friends and sometimes they ask me for tips on which gadgets they should buy. LOL. I also have my other blog, Pergazine – Our Personal Magazine and Food Authority PH.

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