Acer Liquid Leap Active Review

Tracking your daily health, fitness and lifestyle might be a lot of stuff to do at the same time but if you really are into it, putting all your passion and dedication to stay fit and healthy, you would do all the possibilities you can do to track and maintain the lifestyle that you want.

With all the fitness tracker available on the market right now, I am glad to have tried the Acer Liquid Leap Active device that helps you track your basic health and fitness progress and here’s my review about this device.

Consider it small, yes, it is! It is so light as well physically and it feels just right on your arms. Take note, this is not a smart watch, but almost! With about an inch wide that is so clean to look in your arms. The display is clear and crisp.


The rubber strap is removable to let you clean the device especially if you have sweaty arms like me and if you have extra strap, you can change it anytime. This device does not feel curvy or circular as  it shows somehow rectangular or edgy but it looks good in the hands.

It has two metal prongs that will serve as lock that holds reliably strong on your wrist. Forget bout worrying that this device will fall anytime – it will not happen.


This device has 0.9-inch, 128 x 32, monochrome OLED screen that gives a clear view on the items on the screen.

Take note, this device doesn’t have a single button to use, so at first, you might find it odd to use, but when you get used to use this, you will feel like this is quite convenient considering the size and weight.

I just kinda don’t like the screen since it still has a lot of blank space that could be utilized for some other features.


The Liquid Leap Active is IPX4 rated. It can withstand splashing water for up to 5 minutes. This is not designed to be submerged in water or to withstand prolonged contact with water. It cannot really compete with other waterproof wearable existed in the market today. I have tested this with heavy rains and it still works. Well, at least, rain isn’t really an enemy. You can still continue to go out even with heavy rains.


Based on my usage, the device could last up to 3-4 days of straight use. Pretty reliable as this the replacement of the wristwatch that I usually have. Pretty much an advantage as well since you only get to charge this at least once or twice a week. Not bad!


I could say that the distance and step tracker is reliable. It displays almost within the range of my other device’s results. Aside from the step tracker, it also helps you track your sleep and daily activities. Pretty much basic for a wearable, but still helps.

Notifications and Control

At least, this wearable sends out notifications from selected apps coming from your smartphone so you won’t miss out any important events, calls and SMS. Since it only has a very small screen, it will only let you see notifications. This device also helps you switch from one music to another without hassle as this device allows you to do so. Just make sure that the device is connected to your smartphone.


To clear things out, this device is not a smart watch. This is a wearable that lets you track daily lifestyle and fitness essentials. So far, since this device only does basic tracking and monitoring, this is not recommended for those who are looking for more features in terms of wearable. There’s a lot of alternative choices out there for a smartwatch that does more than the ACER Leap Active.

Wellbein Borja

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7 Responses

  1. Miss Bean says:

    I am quite curious about using fitness trackers because I’ve never tried one – even on phone apps. Haha! Ingon ana lng sguro ko ka way paki every time mag exercise ko. But I really think it helps A LOT.

  2. Rea says:

    I want to have that kind of thing. 😀 Fitness tracker or something like that. How much is this? This seems to be on trend these days.

  3. Herbert says:

    Same with Rea, I really want this one. Please post the price Borj or perhaps ask Acer to share some to me and Rea

  4. I think your review is okay. It lacks pictures though. I can’t really tell if you judged its design or not. Besides that, the review is well-written. Keep it up!

  5. Carlo says:

    Interesting product! I might need this in the future but for now I don’t find it practical for my needs and lifestyle.

  6. I guess I have to get one of these najud. #ProjectPalami pa more.

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