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In today’s modern generation where technology is taking-over in managing the processes that was once done by humans, more software solutions are being developed to support the demand in simplifying the existing company processes. One of the process that is very useful for businesses, yet facing lots if isues is the payroll system as this is very crucial as this involves the employee-employer relationship.

A Cebu-based software startup, Ashima, developed a very essential system that could help small-large scale businesses simplify their human resource management process. this system integrates human resource (HR) processes from employee onboarding payroll management that is very user-friendly and government-compliant platform for everyone in the company.

With this software, employees can record their attendance, view work schedule, request for leaves and overtime and view payslip using their smartphones. On the HR department side, consolodating the employee data is now made more convenient and accurate as the system captures information in real-time and can be accessed anywhere in the world as the system is stored via cloud.

Ashima’s philosophy is democratization of HR. Their aim is to push responsibility and authority to the edges, where it belongs. Opposed to the centralized and silo-based HR systems, Ashima makes it more collaborative and responsibility is shared.

I have tried using couple of payroll systems as of writing, and during the demonstration of the system, I realized and found out how seamless and user friendly this system is. Compared to any other payroll systems existing in the market today, this one does it steps higher that it’s competitors.

This system has four main features and that includes the following:

Simplifying Payroll

This feature allows you to have a configurable pay rate, semi-monthly, monthly and fortnightly & weekly pay periods, earnings and deductions, contributions & loans and unlimited & on-demand pre/pay runs dependin on your preference and process.

Time Your Way

This feature allows you to manage multiple time entry, kiosk, workstation, web & mobile clock in, tardiness and overbreak, overtime and leave balance & history. Find it amazing? Continue reading for more features.

Built for Flexibility

Flexibility means that you can manage multiple shifts (without hassle and this provides you with real-time data capturing, so if in case there is an urgent need to check the data, you can just do that in a click of a button): regular, compressed, flexi & spit shifts, night shift, shift threshold and break rules

Empower Employees

This feature then allows you to empower your emploees with real-time timesheets, self-service shift change requests, self-service leave requests, time adjustments & overtime and actionable to-dos.

With this cloud-based application, the employer-employee relationship is now made more transparent and it help you generate real-time reports if needed. Applications like this also lessens back-end processes that costs time and money. The quality and amount of work done will increase because of automation as we all know that automated processes are now more reliable compared to manual process.

Over-all, this system would definitely ease the pain and hassle of traditional payroll processes and would help businesses lessen the operation cost and it provides real-time and accurate results.

For more details about Ashima, please visit their website

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4 Responses

  1. Rea says:

    It’s nice that it’s a cebu start-up. At least it’s something accessible to local businesses.

  2. vernon says:

    Local businesses are indeed lacking in technology usage for operations since most softwares or platforms are built for big businesses. This can be a great opportunity for the MSMEs!

  3. Hopefully ma automated na tanan ang payroll system sa cebu arun easy nalang and happy.. Technology for the win!

  4. Miss Bean says:

    This is a nice concept and really helpful to local businesses. Mas di siya labad sa ulo compared to traditional payroll system.

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