DOOGEE BL5000 Announced!

Doogee Philippines just posted on its official Facebook page series of images showing off its new smartphone dubbed as the BL5000.

The new device boasts a 3D design in both front and back panel, and 8 curved sides. Doogee hasn’t mentioned what kind of chipset the device uses but all we know right now is that it’s going to have 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of ROM. With 5050mAH as its battery capacity, so we expect this device to have a long battery life.

Joining the hype of dual-camera smartphones, the BL5000 is going to feature a 13MP dual camera with PDAF. Meanwhile, check out the details below for the complete features of the BL5000:

Amazing with sparkling radiance

Layering 15 kinds of technology to create sparkling radiance in the curved BL5000. It reflects unique radiance with every movement of you. It shines amazing from every angle.

8 sides, Curved to extreme

Applying 3D design in both front and back, and 8 exquisite curved sides, BL5000 is like a sleek gem in whole. The curved front and back is seamlessly connected with matte middle frame, completely fits your palm, bringing the best grip of it.

Shining color that’s distinctive

It is 3D polishing technology that makes the uniquely black, blue and gold colors, and makes the BL5000 finish pure and shining. Beauty in BL5000, is distinctive from outside to inside.

5050mAh, be long to you

BL means it is going to“be long”, with the volume of 5050mAh. Doubled battery volume than normal phone is a guarantee on long time working. It’s large enough to finish the series of 5 in your BL5000, then powering up iPhone 7.

12V-2A, more than‘quick’

With 24W of quick charging technology, it gets quicker to power up your BL5000. It
has passed the charging standards and safety test of Quick Charge 3.0 tier so that
you are safe with BL5000. 10 minutes charging for 40% power, and it’s enough for
moderate use of one day long.

650nit light up your screen

BL5000 is carrying a highly clear and bright display, which gets a stunning 650nit of brightness to light up as usual even under direct midday sunshine. The auto adjustable brightness is from 1nit to 625nit, easier on your eyes no matter it’s night or noon. FHD (1920*1080) of resolution, no doubt will bring you a visual feast that’s sharp and vivid.

Gets down, gets beauty

Dual cameras in BL5000 is designed in an elegant way of getting down and paralleled with the back. No bulges, no hinders in the sleek unibody also beautify it with minimalism philosophy.

Blur effect makes every shot a Vogue cover

Upgraded DOOGEE 13.0MP dual camera is able to blur your photo as a DSLR do. it is using dual sensors to detect blur range automatically, so the natural transition from focus to background makes your work no less than a Vogue cover photo.

Stunning nights come from soft lights

Bigger soft flashlight is put in the rear of BL5000 with a large but soft lighting area. Now you have a professional studio  lighting in your phone to provide you an amazing night view.

2X lossless zoom, get detailed

BL5000 supports 2X lossless optical zoom and 8X digital zoom to bring scenery far away to right under your nose, without losing any details.

8.0MP selfie camera with soft light

Also, a soft flashlight is in the employ of 8.0MP front camera, making it professional in selfies. Not to mention the face beauty 2.0, all contributes to help capture the best of you.
Moreover, 88°wide angle can take photo of all your friends and all the happy moments. More people, more fun.

Big enough, strong enough

BL5000 comes with efficient octa-core CPU, up to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, that’s big enough to store up to 15 HD movies, 60 mobile games and 10,000 songs. Surely you will also enjoy the 4GB of RAM to a best experience.

Smart DTouch

DTouch in BL5000 is a new one. Ceramics cover of DTouch 2.0 is seamless inserted to glass panel. Meanwhile the DTouch is powerful with 3 in 1 functions. You can use it to return, home or to awake music play or video. New navigation keys are shown as well, with a elegant inconspicuous design until you need it. No differences comparing to the physical ones.

4G to 4G+, the future internet

The powerful BL5000 supports 4G+, dual SIM. With LTE Cat-6 supported, the speed of
download and upload will be double times of regular 4G.

(Source: Dogee Philippines Facebook Page & Dogee website)

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