Exif – Image piracy no more?

Most of today’s photographer’s problems (even bloggers) are image piracy. People tend to steal images without proper credits. Good thing that there is Exif – the solution to this ever-existing problem.

Now, you can publish your images without having to worry about someone who will grab the photos without consent.

“Exif applies an embedding-as-sharing model to photography. Upload your photos to Exif and it will generate HTML-based embed codes that websites can use to put your photos in a post. It replaces the standard way of doing things, which usually requires someone who works for said website to download that photo and upload it to their own hosting service or CMS. These steps sometimes strip out the image’s metadata, and they also introduce break points in the process where that person’s carelessness could mean the photographer never receives (or has to fight for) proper credit and compensation” – The Verge.

All you just need to do is to create an Exif account and upload your photos on the site and embed the photos on your blog post or social media account.

You can also track views or outright block certain sites using the embeeded images. It doesn’t come with any ugly containers around the photo, and it doesn’t seem to bog down webpages either. Exif is light, clean, and almost indistinguishable from the way images usually work.

But among it’s benefits, this tool is not free and the price scales up the more views your photo gets.

Anyway, this tool is very useful, but in my own opinion, this is not an outright solution to solve image piracy on the web.

How about you? What’s your thought about this solution?

(Source: The Verge)

(Disclaimer: The photos are not owned and/or any way associated with Tech Box PH unless otherwise stated. All the credits goes directly to the original owners of the photo.)

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