We all wanted to have with us our earphones producing not just a high quality audio but also, a sturdy item that can withstand our daily lifestyle.

I actually never expected that I’m gonna own this accessory. I just purchased this because there is a need for me to have this as I lost the original headphone that was free from my Huawei P10. So here is my thought about the Huawei Bass Earphone:


Huawei Bass Earphone

This device has a great packaging. It looks so premium on the first glance of it and it was one of the reasons why I decided to purchase this one.


Huawei Bass Earphone

So far, the headphones looks legit. I kinda liked the over-all looks of this since this isn’t like the usual earphones that has a circular wire. This one has a flat wire that’s what I prefer compared to the circular ones.

The ear pods itself is built with a combination of a stainless and plastic that adds the modern-vintage silvery looks of this earphone.

Huawei Bass Earphone

Just like any other earphones, it also has an adjuster if you want to adjust how the two earpods splits. It is more than a meter long which just comes in to the range of standard length of earphones.

Huawei Bass Earphone

It also has the mic panel with the volume and bass control. The button in the middle is the bass control and the buttons above and below it are for the volume control.

Huawei Bass Earphone

This device also comes with four extra rubber ear pods with different sizes to fit on your ears since we all have different ear sizes, so this is an advantage.

This headphone also has a noise cancellation feature that is located on top of each earbuds that reduces the amount of external noise for a seamless and superb audio output most especially if you are using the earphones for a phone call.

Huawei Bass Earphone

It also has the standard 3mm audio jack that can be used on almost all devices existing on the market today.

I actually had a video unboxing for this earphones. Check it out here:

Comparison and Output

Among all the headphones I have tried so far, I can say that this device can compete with the iPhone’s free/default headphones.

I have never been satisfied with the quality of the iPhone’s headphone with regards to it’s audio input and output, but when I get the chance to try this device out, I could definitely say that this works legit.

What I love about an earphone is that I don’t want to hear external noise once I am playing something with it and this device just nailed it! I can almost not hear anything outside. I tried to wear this on a jeep and I could barely hear the surrounding as I played some youtube videos while i’m on a jeep.

I just hoped that they have the black version of this device since I have a sweaty hands and later on, I could predict that this will not look good anymore because of my hands. I prefer a black version of it.

But over-all, kudos to this device for at least going up higher than what I expected this to be. I could also tell that I made the right choice in purchasing this headphone. Output-wise, this is highly recommended.

I am currently using it in par with my Huawei P10 for my vlogs and it never fail to satisfy my ears.

Let’s see how long will this device last in my hands. Will I lose it again or will it reach it’s lifespan with me?

Let’s see and stay tuned for that.