Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 pro – World’s First KIRIN AI Processor

Just recently, I was invited for a Huawei Store Opening at SM City Cebu in partnership with Aerophone. By that time, The Huawei Mate 10 was officially launched in Cebu and I had the chance to try the live device itself. Here’s what I liked about the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro:


Enjoying an immersive viewing experience now made possible with the Mate 10’s HDR 10 technology. For those who are confused about what HDR 10 means, this is the current industry standard for High Dynamic Range in consumer Televisions. This is the next big thing in the video world when we talk about 4k TV and content. Imagine how a smartphone has the capacity to adapt with the HDR 10 technology that displays intensively vivid and bright colors.

The Mate 10 has a stunning 5.9-inch display with a 16:9 display ratio and you can see a barely-there-bezel.

At the back of the smartphone lies the signature stripes that highlights the dual lens leica camera. This device embodies symmetry of a superior smartphone design. The first time I saw the device made me want to switch over immediately from my Huawei P10 to Mate 10 pro as the design is definitely an upgrade for me, with a shiny, strong and elegant glass casing finish that I am so in-love with.


Undeniably, as the world’s first Kirin AI Processor smartphone brings you ultimate performance without compromises. The Kirin AI Processor brings you a faster, stronger and seamless smartphone experience. It boosts speed, responsiveness and efficiency using the AI computing platform with dedicated NPU (Neutral-Network Processing Unit). It delivers AI computation capabilities that boosts efficiency up to 50% and performance by up to 25%. There’s so much power with this device, right?

With its 10nm tech, 8 core CPU and 12-core GPU, it lets the phone deliver premium performance using only less power.

Also, with the Kirin 970, the Mate 10 understands how you use your smartphone. It predicts the most efficient modes and optimizing performance in keeping the device in good condition.


The Huawei Mate 10 has a 4000mAh battery capacity with Smart Power Management and Huawei Supercharge that lets you charge your device faster than usual. It is designed to last as it understands how you use your smartphone. It allocates its resources according to usage to avoid power-wastage.


We already knew how powerful the Leica lens is from the Huawei P9 up until the latest flagship. It delivers superb image quality that’s able to perfectly shoot every moment.

Together with the AI features of the Mate 10, the new Leica dual camera delivers exceptional image quality with minimum effort.  It has f/1.6 aperture that lets you easily take beautiful shallow depth of field pictures, crystal clear low-light photographs and blur-free shots of moving objects. The 20MP monochrome sensor and 12mp RGB sensor with optical image Stabiliization that captures more light to preform at expert standard.

With the intelligent photographic algorithms, the Huawei Mate 10 identifies in real time, different types of scene and object that automatically adjust color, contrast, brightness, exposure to produce more vibrant, sharp, perfectly framed photographs.

Well, for its bokeh effects, with the power of AI as well, the Huawei Mate 10 can seamlessly evoke a professional bokeh effect by shifting the focal point onto the subject of the photograph for picture-perfect portraits and selfies.


I was amazed how the Mate 10 can be very useful if you are travelling abroad. The smartphone is just so smart, that it can help you communicate with other languages in just a tap. With its AI powered acceleration, the device can translate text, voice, conversations and images instantly.

Over-all, I am now in the point of my life whether to upgrade from Huawei P10 to Huawei Mate 10. The only con I have with the Mate 10 is its size. I am not actually a fan of smartphone above 5.5 inches. But considering its over-all performance, I might just disregard the size.

What are your thoughts? Comment it down below!



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5 Responses

  1. Herbert says:

    I had the privilege of holding this with my bare hands and I must say its pretty impressive. Really a beast of a smartphone. Hope Huawei will give us one something hahahaha

  2. I saw it personally… oommmgggg….. The smartest smartphone ever!

  3. Rea says:

    I was actually looking at Huawei phones as a replacement for my broken Oppo but looks like they’re not on my price range right now so have to settle with a mid range phone. Nice jud bitaw ang Huawei ay. Unta makadaog kog contest somewhere hahaha.

  4. Miss Bean says:

    OMG why so mahal huhuhaha! I’m considering Huawei and Zenfone baya as replacement sa ako phone but wa pa ko ka decide until now. LOL

  5. Jomar Lipon says:

    Nice ang Huawei.. but i’m an ASUS user.. so stay lang ko ani.. if makadaog.. I’ll gladly welcome this..

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