Huawei P10 First Impressions, Hands-on and Review

Huawei Mobile, considered as one of the leading smartphone brand in the world released their latest flagships here in the Philippines – the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus  which was also announced globally during the MWC 2017 was released in the Philippines last April 2017.

I got this smartphone as Globe Telecom’s offer when I pre-terminated my almost 24-months of MyLifestyle Plan 999 subscription and Of course, as I’ve seen how the Huawei P10 camera works and I am drooling about this phone during its announcement last MWC 2017 as I got the chance to write about the Huawei P10 after it was announced. Now that I get to own the Huawei P10 itself and have been using it for quite some time now, Here are my first impressions, review and feedback:


The Huawei P10’s design is so fine and elegant. At first glance, you might think it is an iPhone 6s, but when you get the chance to touch and see it near you, it has a totally different feels than that of the iPhone 6s. Now, comparing this to its predecessor, the Huawei P9, the P10 is much more comfortable to hold since this is a bit smaller compared to the P9 and that the P10 has rounded edges too, that made it easier to hold.

The fingerprint scanner is located in front of the device just below the screen. But mind you, this is not a button. The Huawei P10 doesn’t have capacitive keys in it, so the fingerprint scanner does it all for you. One tap of the fingerprint scanner will make you go back to a page, tap and hold it for a few seconds, it will redirect you to the home screen and if you swipe it left or right will let you select and switch application. On the upper front part of the screen is where the earpiece, front camera, status indicator, optical proximity and ambient light sensors are located.

At first, I find it odd since we are all used to phones with buttons but this is something new. As I get to use it after a few weeks, I realized that this is more easy to navigate and way more convenient than a button.

The volume and the switch are both located on the right side of the smartphone. Don’t worry, both buttons have a different feels so you’ll never get confused in making the volume down button your switch as that always happen on some smartphones.

On the upper left side of the smartphone is where the sim card and micro SD slot is located. The secondary microphone is located on the top of the smartphone.

The main microphone, the speaker and the headphone jack are all located on the bottom of the smartphone. So glad that they kept the headphone jack.

The back part of the smartphone is a full-metal uni-body and this smartphone has variety of colors to choose from. What I currently owned is the Graphite Black and I’ll focus on this :D.

One of the Huawei P10’s main feature is located on the top-most part of the back – the Huawei P10’s dual-lens camera, the dual-tone flash and the laser sensor.


The P10 has a Full-HD 5.1-inch display that gives us a bright and colorful feels even if you tilt the phone or if you’re under strong sunlight, all the details are still clear and sharp. However, if you want a higher resolution, the P10 plus is for you since it features the QHD resolution panel.

You’ll never have problems reaching every corner of the smartphone since as mentioned above, this is way smaller compared to the Huawei P9 which I consider a very comfortable experience.

User Interface

The Huawei P10 is running on Android Nougat with Huawei’s Emotion UI to give the OS a different look and to add up other variety of additional features from Huawei. By default, there’s no app drawer you see the first time you use the smartphone. Good thing, There is an option to actually enable it.

Speaking of default applications, Huawei’s HiCare and HiGame seems to be useless for me since I’m not really into monitoring my health, but might as well be using it soon – later rather :D.

Unfortunately, for me, I am not a fan of the Huawei P10’s user interface. The UI kinda did not match with the phone’s minimalistic feels. For the copy and paste, select all options of the P10, I find it really unattractive. Hopefully Huawei can do something with this small part.

However, navigation and user experience is great with the Huawei P10. The transition is very smooth and you’ll never have a lag on this one. For more than a month of using it, there have been no problems so far.


I am not quite happy with the battery since it drains so early. Good thing that the P10 has fast-charging capabilities. And since I am a heavy user, It only takes around half a day if I use the smartphone straight with data connection turned on all the time.

But on normal usage, it would take up to 2 days until it drains.


The P10 uses the same Kirin 960 chipset as the Huawei Mate 9 and is paired with a Mali G71MP8 GPU and 4GB of RAM ans is a step higher than its predecessor, the Huawei P9 that uses the older version of Kirin 995 CPU and both remains slightly behind the plus version with 6GB of memory which is what I really want but so far with the P10, I’ve never had issues with it using so far.

I have been using this smartphone for more than a month already, and this is still seamless. I am not into mobile gaming as of this moment since I still don’t have the luxury of time to do and play games since I have my day job and doing some freelance works, but hopefully, soon, I can add here my own experience using it on a gaming mode.

The apps are seamlessly working so far, no lag, no pauses. My only problem so far is my sweaty hands. Sometimes the fingerprint scanner fails to recognize my fingerprint so I end up typing the passkey instead.

The speaker and mic is working great for phone calls. But its main speaker located on the bottom of the smartphone is ok but not great.


Should I say more? This is so far the best smartphone camera I’ve owned so far. I have compared it to other flagship smartphones but this stood out. The way how the 20mp monochrome compliments the 12mp RGB Leica lenses that produces superb photo output and is great for taking portraits which is my forte in mobile photography. Speaking of taking landscape shots, I have friends who are really good in taking landscape shots and I can tell that the P10 is not just for portraits, but for landscape photography as well.

For the low-light scenarios, the P10 also takes decent shots as I have tried using it at night.

There are also lots of other features of the P10 camera that you can use and explore and that includes the Pro mode that lets you adjust the settings manually as you wish depending on the scenario.

The front camera is also good for portraits since it also has that bokeh feature. So your selfies are now more awesome than before. And yes, the front camera is now a Leica lens.

For the video, it also produces super fine video recording as the P10 can record up to a 4K resolution video. Yes, it already has that 4k capability that you can enjoy.

Over-all, the Huawei P10 is actually a smartphone worthy of its price.

What are your thoughts? Comment it down below!

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