Instagram – How to manage multiple Instagram accounts

Instagram – How to manage multiple Instagram accounts

Being one of the most famous photo sharing app ever existed launched its version 7.15 that allows users to manage for up to 5 instagram accounts. This is a good news for people with multiple accounts whether it be personal, or business-related. Switching accounts now made easy and would definitely help you save a lot of time compared to the previous versions of the app. This version is probably the most requested feature most of us wished to have. Fortunately, it has been made into realization.

See the screenshots below for the quick guide on how to manage multiple instagram accounts:

#1 Adding an account

In adding an account, head over to your profile page and click on the settings icon located on the upper right side of the screen.

How to manage multiple Instagram accounts

Scroll down and find the ‘Add Account’ option.

How to manage multiple Instagram accounts

You will now  then be redirected to the log in page. Input the account credentials of the next account and you’re done!

#2 Switching accounts

Switching accounts without logging in and out all over again now made easy with these two different options:

#2.1 Bottom profile picture

Go to your profile page and long press your profile picture. All the accounts logged in will pop-up and all you have to do is to click the ones you want to switch with.

How to manage multiple instagram accounts

#2.2 Name on the top

Another way to choose an account to be switched is by tapping your name located on your profile page. After you tap, you can then choose what account to switch. And, oh, you don’t need to go to the settings option anymore because this option also allows you to add other account.

How to manage multiple instagram accounts

whatever you do, wherever you go, this is what we all wanted. Kudos to Instagram for adding this very useful feature. This feature adds convenience especially to those who are always on-the-go.

Oops, I’m definitely going to insert here my instagram accounts 😀 You can follow me on my personal account @wellbeinb and for this blog’s official account, @pergazine.

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