Inter-bank fund transfer now made easy with GCash Fund Transfer

We all value our time. We do as many things as we can in one day. With the era of powerful smartphones, most of the productive things we do can now be done anywhere.

What do you say if I tell you that inter-bank transfers can now be done anytime, anywhere?

Yes, you heard it right. Inter-bank transfers may be just a simple task but it is time-consuming not to mention the bank charges certain amount per transaction. Why would you fall in line if you can just transfer your funds from one bank to another using your smartphone?

I have been using GCash around 60% of my transactions – like paying my bills and buying stuff. I would even say goodbye to retailer sim cards since you can also buy a load and have rebates (big rebates). But when I heard that the Bank Transfer feature of the GCash app have been rolled out, I felt so excited since it has been my forever dilemma falling in line at banks and waiting for my queue just by doing a simple deposit task.

GCash, as the nation’s leading mobile money service, have fully rolled out its fund transfers service, allowing customers to transfer funds from their GCash App to any of the over 30 banks supported nationwide. Thanks to this feature, fund transfer times have been virtually reduced to zero and paper wastes eliminated, as it will only take less than 3 minutes to complete a transfer transaction digitally.

“Fund transfers used to be a long, bogging process where customers will just wait for their turn on the cashier just to have money delivered onto another account. With GCash’s new feature, over 15 million customers can now transfers funds to more than 30 banks for free, and without taking hours,” said Anthony Thomas, President and CEO of Mynt. “This convenience, combined with all the services available in the GCash App, makes for a perfect all-in-one financial tool for all Filipinos. It also ties back to GCash’s mission of financial inclusion in the Philippines,” he added. Mynt is the operating company of GCash.

All you just need to do to skip long queue and extra charges is to download the GCash app by clicking here.

TAKE NOTE that this feature is only available to a fully-verified GCash account so make you’ve completely verified your account.

Once the verification is done, check out the instructions posted below to experience a hassle-free and legitimately free inter-bank transfer.


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