#MWC2017 – Nokia 3310 Comeback

The #MWC2017 isn’t just about the launching and announcement of high-end and beast smartphones in the industry. Among all the announced and launched smartphone during the #MWC2017 held at Bareclona, the announcement of the legendary mobile phone – the all-new and improved Nokia 3310 was all that’s being anticipated by the audience worldwide.

Of course, who wouldn’t want that legend? From the Snake and the Nokia ringtone that would let you reminisce from your childhood is back!

During the event, everyone was in a total excitement when the improved Nokia 3310 was announced.

#MWC2017 - Nokia 3310 Comeback

#MWC2017 – Nokia 3310 Comeback

#MWC2017 - Nokia 3310 Comeback

#MWC2017 – Nokia 3310 Comeback

We’ve heard leaks and rumors from years ago that the Nokia 3310 will be back with a full-touch screen feature with a Windows 10 operating system and a 41-megapixel camera. But that did not being realized, instead, we got this announced just recently, and it’s official! It will be re-launched later this year!

#MWC2017 - Nokia 3310 Comeback

#MWC2017 – Nokia 3310 Comeback

Who would not love the new looks of it? With a range of colors to choose from, they definitely look as cute as ever. The Nokia 3310, which is made from aluminum, comes completely with the classic game, Snake.

#MWC2017 - Nokia 3310 Comeback

#MWC2017 – Nokia 3310 Comeback

HMD Global Executive ARTO Nummela said, “Nokia has been one of the most iconic and recognizable phone brands globally for decades”, and that’s without a doubt. He also added, “In the Short Time since HMD was launched into the market, the positive reception we’ve had has been overwhelming; it seems everyone shares our excitement for this chapter…”

We should be more excited when Nokia confirmed that the new phones announced will become available globally in the second quarter of 2017. Mr. Nummela also added, “Today’s consumers are more discerning and demanding than ever before and for us, they will always come first… Our efforts in bringing together world-class manufacturers, operating systems and technology partners sees us proudly unveiling our first global portfolio of smartphones with a Nokia soul, delivering the very best experience to everyone.”

What should we do as consumers? To wait until the iconic 3310 will be released. We are all so excited!

What are your thoughts? Post thoughts in the comment section below!

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No Responses

  1. Herbert Kikoy says:

    I dont why Nokia has come up with this. Though its a bit surprising but who gives a fcuk about the 3310? See, there are other cheaper alternative for this kind of model and cheaper too. They think that people would still fall for this stunt? I dont think so.

    • Wellbein Borja says:

      People did actually fell and became one of the highlights on the #MWC2017. The price is way high. The php2500 something can buy you a decent smartphone. Also, they forgot to mention (or is it just me who did not noticed) the indestructible feature of the 3310. I’m still not certain if it is as strong as it’s predecessor.

  2. What OS did they use for the new 3310? Judging from the screen grabs, is that the old Symbian OS?

  3. Rea says:

    Hmmm. For sure, I’m one of those who felt giddy after knowing that there’s a 3310 comeback. I like the idea of this adorable phone. I guess people will likely buy it as a secondary phone or something like a collector’s item. Not planning to purchase though. It would be nice to drop this in a time capsule too (only that it’s the modern one).

  4. Kat says:

    I’m still quite uncertain if this is still as strong as the original Nokia 3310. I miss the original though and I was expecting to feel nostalgia for their comeback, but I didn’t even a single bit. 🙁

  5. GoodFoodTrip says:

    I wonder if anyone would buy this at all… It’s nice but I think it’s more of a marketing strategy for Nokia.

  6. Legacy phone is back! Nice to still have the snake game. I hope it’s still as durable as the original 3310.

  7. The new 3310 looks great! At first, I really wanted to touch one and use one. After a while, it reminded me of just how far the Nokia brand has fallen. The nostalgia factor for me worn off soon after.

  8. Honestly, I did love the 3310 from Nokia before, but now I don’t think that I will. Hmmm, sounds pretty lame strategy for me but at least they are making noise in the phone industry.

  9. Ramzy says:

    Kind of a cash-grab for the nostalgia factor, really. I don’t see Nokia making a lot from the this. Hell, they probably would sell way much if they just re-released the original 3310. Hahaha.

  10. Am I the only one who hates Nokia for capitalizing on nostalgia in order to market a basic phone that is clearly poles apart from the original 3310? I was really expecting the legendary phone to come back, but was greatly disappointed when this cheap knock-off showed up instead.

  11. Pretty cute but pretty lame. I still hope that Nokia can make a comeback but I guess they have been left behind. Their phones are like museum pieces. 😉

  12. I still have my old Nokia 3310. Looking for a charger para ma-on na nako siya! Hahahaha! My old handset is already 14 years old! Can’t wait for it to work again! I like the old one better than the new one. Hahahaha! No thanks Nokia!

  13. I’m not sure if I’ll bite into this marketing scheme but I do miss being able to text without looking at your phone. I also love the old phones whose batteries can last up to three days!

  14. Rome Nicolas says:

    Not getting one. I would have wanted the original Nokia 3310. This is trash if you ask me. A lot of phones like this is sold cheaper in the Philippines.

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