Nokia 6: Unofficial Release in Philippines

Nokia 6: Release in Philippines – Are you all guys excited for the release of the all-new Nokia 6? So do us. Now, we have a good news for you!

We’ve heard a lot of people are definitely rooting for this phone to be released here in Philippines firmly because NOKIA’s quality have already been proven few years back, from the iconic Nokia 3310 to the Windows phone, the customer loyalty still stood out even up to now.

According to some sources online, HMD is now preparing for their official release here in Philippines. Not to mention that they said to have hired four consultants for the team they are planning to have here in Philippines in preparation for the launching and already put up an office here in Philippines.

As per other online sources, HMD already found a local distributor to handle the importation of Nokia smartphones. The good thing about it is that, the Nokia 6 is one of the products to be released.

We haven’t heard any official updates and announcements from HMD Global yet, but let’s stay tuned and keep an eye on this blog to be updated.

For the mean time, if you can’t wait for the official release, the Nokia 6 have unofficially found it’s way to Lazada. For the amount of php18k, you can already get the Nokia 6 smartphone you’ve been waiting for. Just make sure it is on-stock because as of this moment, it is out of stock.

NOKIA 6 Flash sale in China: 

60 seconds after it went available on an e-commerce portal in China,, the phone went immediately sold-out as reported by Anzhao. However, it was not revealed as to how many units of the said smartphone were sold, but according to reports by, Nokia 6 was able to garner more than 2,50,000 registrations in just the first 24 hours of availability and then crossed 1 million registrations ahead of the sale. Amazing, isn’t it?

We’ll do hope that Philippines will be the next country where the said smartphone will be released.

For the specifications of the Nokia 6, read our previous blog, Nokia 6: The First Smartphone Released by HMD Global.

HMD Global is also set for an event at MWC 2017, where it is expected to announce more line-up of Nokia smartphones.

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