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Looking for a perfect and affordable web hosting is quite a hassle. Of all current and existing web hosting providers, It is very hard to choose on what and who we should choose. Good thing I discovered the NSS Group.

NSS GroupThe NSS Group is the market leader when it comes to hosting in Taiwan and expanding in the Philippines and other parts of Asia and in the United States is what they are aiming to achieve.

The NSS Group have been in the industry for over 15 years and have served over 30,000 clients from USA, Hongkong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. They are awarded as Taiwan’s leading web host server provider and aims to be the leading web host server provider worldwide as they expand their market to Indonesia and the Philippines. They also have set up their data centers in their home country to provide the fastest and most reliable server to their clients in the Philippines.

What does NSS Group offer?

Linux Shared Hosting

Fastest, Reliable with data centers in the Philippines, Indonesia, HK,China, US, Singapore and Japan.
Their packages is the best compared to other hosting companies because they offer bigger hard disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, more email accounts and Free domain registration for the first year. And you save a lot of money for the 1st year. Highly recommended!

Sample Product with Features:

Data Center: Philippines – Expect a faster site loading speed because they have a Data-center here in Philippines.
Control Panel:CPanel (with 24 multi-language support) –  cPanel with a 24 multi-language support that let’s anyone  feel very comfortable with what language they want to use.
Disk Space: 500G – The disk space is way higher than those of the other hosting providers existed. No doubt!
Traffic: Unlimited – Worry no more about the traffic of your website. I have tried other hosting providers with a limited traffic allocation, so my site goes down  every time i receive an overwhelming amount of traffic.
Bandwidth: Unlimited – The higher the bandwidth, the faster your website speed will load. This is good!
E-mail account:100 – The generosity of giving customers 100 email accounts on the economy package is great. Other hosting providers only provide 10-50 email accounts on their basic packages. Others also offer 100 email accounts but is way more expensive.
Supports PHP7 – The most important thing here is that they support the latest PHP version which is the PHP 7.0. So you will not have problems in updating your PHP version. (Let’s get rid of PHP Extended support please! Let’s update out PHP versions and that’s recommended.)
Softaculous Supported – They support Softaculous that lets you install open-source software like wordpress in a matter of minutes. It’s a good thing as well for non-technical person!
24/7 Live Chat and Phone Technical Support Service  – Contacting support has never been this easy with NSS Gorup. the 24/7 Chat and Phone Support are available. Other hosting providers doesn’t have chat support. This is a plus point and is a good deciding factor!

For more details about the products and services, click here.

Technically, the features they offer are one-of-a-kind and is way more cheaper compared to other hosting providers. So If i were to choose, I’ll go with NSS Group for my next hosting.

For Registration/For Purchase click here.

For free trial click here.

Or for more information, you may visit their website.

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