OPPO F1s: Valentine’s Dream Date

OPPO F1s – Each of us are dreaming of a perfect valentines date – a dream date to be exact. But how do we usually have a perfect valentines date with less expenses and definitely memorable?

As your personal tech guy, here’s my tips in having a perfect valentines date of your dream together with your smartphone:

1. Date on memorable places

Bring your loved ones on less-expensive places. Less-expensive places may be considered cheap, but at certain point, only there where we can find real candid moments. For guide in those places here in Cebu City, click here for the best places to date this valentines day.

2. Spend time together with the street foods

Of course, dating is also eating. Don’t miss out Cebu’s common street foods at night. Those foods will satisfy both your relationship and your tummies. For Cebu’s common street foods, click here. Just beware to be vigilant in showing your gadget while on the streets. Good boys are everywhere. They might grab your gadget and use it for their sake. If you know what I mean. LoL.

3. Capture candid moments using your smartphone

At the end of the day, i’m sure you already took a lot of photos during the date. With the OPPO F1s, the moments are left unforgettable forever with it’s 16mp front camera and bunch of filters. You can also use your smartphone in recording video clips and compile them using these smartphone video editors. With the OPPO F1s’ 3GB & 4GB RAM feature, you can seamlessly edit the photos and video clips without lags.

To summarize, dating with your loved ones this valentines day in today’s generation together with your gadgets will definitely make a difference. As long as the gadget is used in a good way, it will help you keep the memories together.

Please remember that everyday is Valentines day. Spread love, not hate! Use your gadgets wisely. 👍

(Photo credits to Rea of Blissful Snapshots)

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