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With the advent of modern technology, humans are making daily living so simple. From the IT industry to other sectors like medicine and education are adopting modern technology to replace inaccuracies of humans. Although machines are not always 100% reliable depending on it’s maintenance, it still plays a huge help in the industry.

Just recently, I stumbled upon an article about a drone that is submersible in  the water. I got curious and tried to visit the website.

The PowerRay submersible drone can capture detailed information about fish distribution, underwater temperature, depth, underwater landscape and fish alerts. This is perfect in the fishing industry for them to be able to catch the quality underwater creatures.

You can feel sorry to the fish that will stumble upon this trap. The PowerRay submersible drone is designed to innovate the traditional way of fishing. It uses sonar and LED lures to lure the fishes and at the same time, filming the fish caught on a 4k display.

PowerVision claims the drone’s sonar can detect fish up to 40 meters away, while the bot itself can dive up to 30 meter downs. A Wi-Fi connection sends data, video, and images up to distances of 70 meters to an iOS and Android app, and operators can choose to receive alerts when something’s nearby. Just take a nap, and let your drone find the fish for you.

Sounds cool? Indeed. It feels so good that the fishing industry is now adopting modern technology and integrating it to make fishing simple and effective. Plus, you get to watch a fish being caught on an HD mode.

Innovations aren’t bad if used properly. I believe that this device can help sustain and maintain the number of fishes in the ocean and I hope that this device can detect the age of the fish to be caught to make the younger ones multiply for future use.

(Source: PowerVision)

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