Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Controversy: Results of the investigation unveiled

Last August 2017, Samsung, one of the leading smartphone brand launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung had it on sale and available for users who complained of the device to burst into flames.

Samsung announced a replacement program to respond to the needs of the users of the said device.

Why did the Note 7 burst into flames?

Upon initial investigation, 700 researchers from Samsung found out that the issue is caused by the faulty battery manufacturing with one of its two suppliers, not with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 itself. Samsung then decided to recall Note 7โ€™s and replaced them with new battery.

Unfortunately, most Note 7โ€™s replacement with a new battery have reported to still explode that made Samsung officially issued a recall of the device globally.

Samsung also added three independent firms to conduct their own tests and representatives from each firms were also present on the press conference held in Korea to announce their respective findings.

Since the issue is because of the fault of the two manufacturing companies and not with the Note 7 itself, here are the issues identified:

Company A:

Issue: Electrode deflection

It is where there is an incorrect positioning of the negative electrode tip in the upper right corner of the battery.

Company B:

Issue: Abnormal weld spot

This led to an internal short circuit causing the battery to explode

Samsung Note 7 Controversy: Results of the investigation unveiled

Samsung Note 7 Controversy: Results of the investigation unveiled (Disclaimer: All the photos are not owned by PERGAZINE and we do not own the credits of the photos. All the credits goes to the respective owners of the photos.)

The tests found nothing wrong with the Note 7 itself, its fast-charging feature, iris scanner, water resistance and USB-c connectivity has nothing to do with the issue. Samsung also added that there was an adequate space inside the phone and it could also accommodate a higher battery capacity, and that the speculations that it is because of the swelling of the battery and contract during charging was answered.

Although, despite of the fact that the cause is with the battery manufacturers, Samsung took all the responsibility for the incident. Not just with the battery specifications they have provided to the manufacturers but also for failing to discover the issue that could have been avoided with further testing.

Because of the results of the press-conference, Samsung formed an independent Battery Advisory Council composed of the academics from Berkeley, Cambridge and Stanford.


Samsung also have adopted a new 8-point checklist for testing new products and it includes enhancement to existing processes like the x-ray scans.

Samsung says that they are still committed to an innovation that redefines whatโ€™s possible in safety that they will continue to innovate with extra caution next time.

(Disclaimer: All the photos are not owned by PERGAZINE and we do not own the credits of the photos. All the credits goes to the respective owners of the photos.)

(Sources: BGR ; The Verge ; Mashable Asia)

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  1. Too much information to digest. Haha! However, thanks for this. I learned a lot. Hopefully Samsung gets a major comeback for S8 note.

  2. GoodFoodTrip says:

    Tsk tsk. I hope Samsung does a better job with the Galaxy S8 and that they can recover the lost trust they got from their customers.

  3. Jun Ji says:

    Surely Samsung will step up their QA process after their Galaxy 7 mishap. I’m quite excited of what their next iteration will bring.

  4. Jomar Lipon says:

    Good Job Samsung.. Even i’m not a fan of samsung but they did great investigating all those circuits and the pattern..

  5. Rea says:

    For sure, it wasn’t their intention to flop like that. Perhaps nobody wanted it to happen and as a Samsung user before (although not note 7), I appreciate that they are doing all they can to better improve their products and not cause harm anymore. The causes are too technical. It seems amazing that a battery as thin as that has a lot going on inside it. Lol. Thanks for sharing. Learned a lot from this.

  6. Hanna says:

    That Samsung Galaxy S7 fiasco was really a huge mess! Haha. #facepalm

    This is the first time I have actually read what really happened. Whew.

  7. Herbert says:

    Not a Samsung fan and I am not surprise why they got into such controversy with their products

  8. Katherine says:

    Ohhh that’s why. Tho mejo nagdugo akong ilong ug sabot! Haha!

  9. I was at the very edge of choosing this one. Luckily, I got the Note 5 instead.

  10. This is a very informative post. I actually didn’t bother digging up the reason of the issue but now I know. Thanks for this!

  11. I take my hat off to Samsung for being graceful in owning up this huge and controversial mistake. It’s not an easy situation to be in, but they handled it very well. I may not be a Samsung fanboy, but I honestly believe that they’ll recuperate from this mess faster than we can expect.

  12. Thank God they were able to pinpoint the reason of this explosion. It was a marketing mess for Samsung. I hope they will able to recover soon. Their smartphone sales have dwindled since the incident. ๐Ÿ™

  13. It is a good thing that they found out what caused all those explosions. Hopefully, the 8 will bring them back to where they were before the scandal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Basta Bisaya says:

    Samsung did a great job in handling this issues. As a tech company, they know the risk involved and opted to made that decision because they know they can still survive. A damaged reputation can never be forgotten but great customer service and honesty can help them save their smartphone business!

  15. Although the Note 7 debacle was handled poorly by Samsung, this explanation and their apology made up for it. I just hope this won’t happen again with the Galaxy S8. I don’t want to review a phone that might blow up in front of me.

  16. Ram says:

    I guess it’s not really their intention for those incidents to happen. They really did just flop in the technical side. Thanks for this informative post!

  17. It’s really good to know that Samsung has found out the root cause for all the debacles that happen with Note 7. I strongly believe that Samsung will make great comeback after this mess. For sure they have something better to offer on the table soon and I can’t wait to see that.

  18. I honestly do not understand the diagrams. Hahaha! All I know is that I shouldn’t buy Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and they are not allowed in Dubai’s Metro and airplanes all over the world. The 8-point checklist would be great if Samsung will implement it ASAP. ๐Ÿ™‚

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