Silverstone Tech – 2017 Product Line Launching

Silverstone Technology Co., Ltd. (SST), one of the industry and world’s biggest designers and manufacturers of computer parts and accessories launched their 2017 product lines in the Philippines and held a launch party for its local and dealers and customers.

Few years ago when Silverstone Tech expanded here in the Philippines, the demands for their products has substantially increased most especially for PC casings, enclosures as well as power supplies and other computer accessories. Silverstone’s state-of-the-art products are more than capable of handling the heavy hardware and software requirements in the tech industry here in the Philippines.

Mark Tony Ou, Silverstone Tech’s Marketing Manager said that Silverstone’s rate of sales increase in Philippines over the last few years has outpaced many developed countries, providing that the tech industry in this area is thriving and also a testament of the hard work and dedication by their local partners and distributors here in the Philippines. As a result, they are very excited to introduce their new products at the party with quite a few of them featuring designs with Filipino feed backs in mind.

Featuring a host of Tower Chassis and Slim Cases that redefine the concept of form and function with tremendous capability, superb performance, optimized interiors, personal customization option and a bold and dynamic design greatly benefit the end users, gamers, enthusiasts and professionals. Silverstone Tech has changed the landscape of PC’s by introducing stylish yet affordable elements that compliments its goals of exceeding user-experience and expectation not just in the gaming industry but on all other aspect may it be for home, workspace, server, etc..

Silverstone Tech, an established leader in their field of expertise since 2003, prides itself in providing products that became a source of inspiration to techies, gamers and computer enthusiasts all around the globe. Advanced technologies and creative designs are integrated with high-power functional capabilities to create memorable user experience and over-all satisfaction for its clients. Silverstone products are currently available all over the globe. Take note that it is not just for ICT-related functions but it also caters home entertainment and office use. Experiencing a whole new level of premium and quality computer technology is now within your reach with Silverstone Tech.

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7 Responses

  1. I’ve never heard Silvertech but this post made me a good impression of its products and services. Where are they located?

  2. Rea says:

    Stylish, affordable, and functional are all good selling points. No wonder they captured the hearts of the Filipino market.

  3. I actually love their CPU casings. Too bad I wasn’t present for this one. I was there last year. Same venue but same awesome principle of giving value for money products. ^_^

  4. Kat says:

    I’ve heard quite a thing about Silverstone and I guess they really have a lot to offer and have awesome products for us!

  5. Good selling points as always. I do really love their stylish designs.

  6. Herbert Kikoy says:

    Silverstone PC Casings are amazing and budget-friendly. Their products are also durable

  7. Wala pa ko kadungog anang Silverstone ha. I hope okay ang ilang products.

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