Top 3 – Photo-Editing Apps You Can Use For Your Photos

Taking smartphone photos are easy. But not all the time that the odds are not with us. Sometimes when we take photos, the composition is not as what we want it to be. We need a partner that could hep us enhance our photos.

Yes, smartphones nowadays already have a built-in photo enhancement features but if you want to know what are my fellow Cebu content creators use, these are the following:


This is what the majority are using. One main reason why this is the majority’s choice is that snapseed is the most user-friendly editor as of writing. this includes variety of features to enhance the photo.

On my own perspective, the tools I always use is the Tune image feature consisting of adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, highlights, shadows ad warmth since I changed my personal instagram feed into less saturated photos.


Second on the list according to the tally I had from my fellow content creators wolud be this application. Couple of my non-blogger friends also use this app but among all of them, I’m one of those who doesn’t really use this.

This app offers variety of filters that you can use and adjust according to your preference. This is commonly used by lifestyle bloggers to have uniformity on their photos.

I actually tried to use this but I really don’t feel like using it. Probably i’m not yet used to it but i’m gonna try again one more time. One of the reasons why i don’t prefer using it is because since it offers variety of filters to choose from, i always get confused on what filter to use.

This app also offers in-app purchases. What does this mean? It means that you can buy “premium” filters (i’m not sure if it’s called premium but those are the filters that you can buy starting php99.00 as of writing).


This application is what is the third on the rank based on the small research I made with fellow creators. I actually tried this application but it is taking me more time to edit a single photo. It offers variety of options as well in enhancing the photo. But the fact that one would really take time to familiarize the app, is what I consider it’s downside. On the contrary, I believe that lightroom is also a powerful and effective tool to use in enhancing photos.

People nowadays are looking for an application that isn’t just powerful but also, user-friendly. Regardless of how powerful an application is, its user-friendliness is the main factor why people opt to use one app over another.

How about you? What are your favorite photo-editing app? Can you add another application that was not mentioned above? Please let me know using the comment section below.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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