Top 3 recommended video editing apps for smartphones

As a blogger, I have always been so eager to explore new ideas and right now, I started my quest in vlogging (video blogging).

I have friends who does video blogging and I found them very inspiring. (Y) One of those I follow the most is my ex-co-worker and now fellow blogger, John of Four-eyed Laagan and the person behind the blog Cebu Finest, Flip (Philip). I was inspired on how they create vlogs and it made me want to do so as well. Other vlogging inspirations include Wil Dasovich for his vlogs and Erwan Heusaff of The Fat Kid Inside and still following more local vloggers here in Cebu.

Since I do not have the luxury of having a very nice DSLR camera or an HD video recorder, I am currently using my smartphone for all the vlogs I create. And I plan to maintain using it because I also want to maintain my trademark as a mobile-first person. I have few video editors on my laptop but I didn’t actually have the luxury of time to use them.

After thorough research and testing, I finally found those mobile applications that suit my need as an aspiring vlogger and they are the following:

  1. Quik

I am using this video editor for the introduction and ending of my vlogs. This editor offers a wide variety of text effects and is very user-friendly. The text effects are superb and looks like pro!

Download the app here!




  1. Videoshop

This application is mainly used in adding texts in any part of the vlog (adding texts is actually as easy as 1, 2, 3 using this app :D). It is very user-friendly and lightweight.

Download the app here!




  1. Adobe Premier Clip

For this application, This is where I compile and render all video clips into one including the clips I created using Videoshop and Quik. This serves as the final touch of my vlogs.

Download the app here!



Are you gonna use those apps for your vlog or video projects? If I were you, try them and see the output. Just comment here your thoughts!

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Wellbein Borja

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  1. When I do video editing on my phone, I use the built-in iMovie on my iPhone. When I want to integrate more effects and transitions, I use FilmoraGo. Anyway it’s nice knowing fellow Cebuanos doing vlogging thing too. See you in the vlogging world man!

  2. Which of these apps are available on iOS? I want to know so that I can try any of these apps out! Thanks!

  3. Hanna says:

    I really hate editing videos, but I am really going to need these one day because I will be vlogging anytime soon. Crossing my fingers!

  4. I will definitely be needing this if I ever try vlogging soon. Hahaha! Thanks for this!

  5. I use iMovie for my vlogs all the time. But these apps are great too. Thanks for the mention 😀

  6. Interesting. Although I am not quite sure about doing video editing on the phone, it just feels so limited. I don’t even want to edit videos on a laptop/computer, much more on such a small device. Hhaha!

  7. Wow, this is helpful for newbie vloggers out there. Good luck and more power sa u blogging adventure Wellbs heheh.

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