Top 5 Mobile Apps for Couples this Valentines Day

It’s the month of love! Well, everyday should be the day of love but since we are all accustomed in celebrating February 14 as Valentines day, we couldn’t do anything but to celebrate it regardless if you are single or not.

Well, I have here my recommended mobile applications this valentines day for couples!

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Couples

If you guys are couples or you have a partner and you want to surprise him/her, check these useful mobile applications to make that day even more special:

  • Zomato

Get the most out of this valentines with Zomato. This is the best mobile application so far in finding the perfect restaurant for you and your partner. You can find the most romantic restaurant in the City.

  • Tripadvisor

Book ahead of time if you plan to go out of town this valentines day. Tripadvisor is my recommended app in finding a perfect hotel accommodation where you and your partner can spend the rest of the night. 😉

  • Happy Couple Love Quiz

This app lets you get to know your significant other especially for those who have just started their relationship. This app gives you questions that both you and your partner answers. It helps build strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

  • Nujj

This app is perfect not just this valentines day but also in any season of the day. Take note that this is not sending nudes but sending gentle virtual nudges to let your partner know that you are thinking of them.

  • LokLok

This app lets you exchange funny doodles, sketches and hand-written notes that will instantly become visible at your SO’s screen without even unlocking it! LokLok app replaces your standard lock screen with a new one where you can go all creative. If you are synced, your message instantly displays on their screen. There’s even no need to unlock your phone or launch the app view and reply! Alternatively, you can set the app as a widget, if you don’t want it to replace your screen. This app is only available on Google Play.

So that’s it! These apps actually helps couples not just this valentines day but on any day of the year. Share this to your couple friends! ☺

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