Why I want an OPPO F1s

Why I want an OPPO F1S

Smartphone technology has been consistently evolving in today’s digital world. Local and international smartphone brands are competing with each other with their own flagships and innovating their flagships with beast specifications.

Dubbed as the “Camera Phone” and is considered one of the leading smartphone brand ever existed in the Philippine market today, OPPO had finally launched their latest flagship smartphone, the OPPO F1S.

The OPPO F1S is filled with advanced features and glamorous design that everyone (even me) is dying to have! 😂

I am personally an existing and ever proud OPPO smartphone user and my OPPO Neo 7 is my best friend in capturing instagrammable photos wherever I go. But my OPPO Neo 7 limits me from being productive while i’m on-the-go because of its 1GB RAM and I, myself would admit and thought of upgrading my phone.



Fortunately, OPPO released the OPPO F1S which has a 3GB RAM (woah! Heaven it is! 😱) which caught my whole attention. Seriously, with the 3GB ram, I could definitely run a lot of tasks while i’m on-the-go and here are the top 3 reasons why the 3GB RAM is definitely my favorite OPPO F1S feature:


As a blogger, a startup entrepreneur and a busy person, I couldn’t always have the time to use my laptop especially if i’m on a hurry, and checking emails, opening the social media accounts and creating draft articles for my blogs are a necessity, I find the OPPO F1S 3GB RAM perfect for on-the-go person like me.


Of course, each of us, despite of our busy schedules would like to spend few of our spare time to relax and enjoy – and playing smartphone games is the easiest option. I really hate it when the phone lags while i’m on the midst of playing my favorite games. With the OPPO F1S 3GB RAM, surely, goodbye, lags! 😂


I am a mobile person and I am trying to influence people on how they can use the most of their smartphones for productivity and I see to it that as much as possible, most of my outputs should be a product of smartphone productivity and being stuck on doing something like editing photos for me and my clients’ social media posts, recording and merging of video clips for my vlogs just sucks! But with the OPPO F1S 3GB RAM feature, I will definitely never have the problem of being stuck doing something productive! 😊

Of course, you might be wondering what would I do to my OPPO Neo 7, i’m gonna give this to my sister for her to use. Her smartphone which came from a different brand really sucks. Like seriously, nothing can beat OPPO! And yes, I am very proud to say that I made this blog using my OPPO Neo 7! 😊

For more details about this Selfie beast, visit the official OPPO website.

That sums up everything why I want an OPPO F1S in my life and I hope I’ll be the chosen winner for this contest 😊.  How about you? What’s your favorite OPPO F1S Feature? Share your thoughts on the comment section below! 😊 Thanks for reading! 😊

Wellbein Borja

A self-proclaimed mobile photographer. An aspiring blogger. A startup entrepreneur. An optimistic person. #mypersonalsnaps #puzzlemyworld #pergazine (Instagram: @wellbeinb | Twitter: @wellbeinb)

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